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Welcome to our rental and buying solutions, where we provide a wide range of technical and sound equipment for all your needs. Whether you are hosting a live event, recording in a studio, or looking to upgrade your sound system, we have the perfect solution for you. With our extensive inventory and expert support, you can be confident in finding the right equipment to suit your specific requirements. Experience top-notch quality and convenience with our rentaland buying solutions.

Rental Solutions

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Sound Reinforcement Systems / Components

We present professional audio solutions / products renowned for its exceptional sound quality and durability. Our inventory consists of speakers, mixers, amplifiers and various signal processing devices etc,……..
Catering for live performances, concerts, and multi-scale events.


The lighting balloon concept was Invented in 1994, since then the Sirocco by Airstar has become a global reference. The envelope of an Airstar Sirocco is made from a woven material which diffuses the internal light source. These products light up where others don’t, providing better visibility of the immediate work area and its surroundings.

For all your projects, quality lighting is essential to work efficiently and in a secure environment.  Airstar lighting balloons meet this need, thanks to homogeneous and diffused. 360 ° light, without shadow and glare free.


Modular indoor and outdoor staging systems available, according to client’s production and size requirements can be supplied, We are also the only owners in South Africa of the internationally acclaimed and certified Stageline mobile stage structure, SLPRO & SL100.

Stageline SLPRO

SLPro is an unequaled mobile marketing tool featuring two accessible levels. 158 m2 of usable stage floor space designed for marketing professionals who need more height, more space, and more load-bearing capacity. It offers an eye-catching way to showcase your products at concerts, races and various sporting events.

Specifications Promobile

  • Floor Lower Deck: 10 x 8 meters | Upper Deck: 10,4 x 8,2 meters
  • Stage Set-up: people x4 in 3H00
  • Wind resistance: 144 km/h without windwalls | 97 km/h with windwalls
  • Rigging: 13,835 kg
  • Screen Support Option: 2040kg capacity | Installs from the ground directly to the roof.
  • Popular features: Adjustable roof height, climate-controlled environment, tented tops (upper level)
Stageline SL100

The SL100 mobile stage is very user friendly, sets up rapidly and has a rigging capacity of 2175Kg. Equipped with permanently mounted side rigging points with 363 kg capacity per side that deploys in seconds. Recommended for crowds of up to 7,000 people.

Specifications SL100

  • Floor: 8m x 6m up to 12.2m x 9,8m
  • Set-up: people x2 in 50 Minutes
  • Wind resistance: 50 km without windwalls | 97 mph with windwalls
  • Windwalls: Full height rainproof windwalls on 3 sides
  • Popular Feature: Bandshell configuration – 8×4 meters
Production Lighting

Production lighting is a pivotal component at any event as it is used to set moods, tones, and overall light up the stage area. We offer a range of production lighting suitable for various events, including not limited to, concerts, weddings, festivals, exhibitions, gala dinners etc. Part of our wide range of lighting equipment we have the latest additions.

Ayrton Diablo’s

The diablo is an extremely versatile lighting fixture with the ability to address needs in the wash / profile / and beam requirements.

Robe 100’s
Robe 100’s is a super-fast LED Beam and is an effective lighting tool. It has a motorised control that produces speedy pan and tilt movements.
Eden Quad 7 Longman

Very compact RGBAW, LED fixture in an IP67 rated housing.

Robe Parfect 150

RGBW Lighting fixture with exceptional wide zoom range 3,8 – 60 deg.


All aerial effect and concert lighting is significantly enhanced by the presence of haze / smoke in the atmosphere, Allowing you to see the beam/shape of the light feature.

We are privileged to have the MVS Lemaitre unit in our atmospheric effects inventory.

Lighting Console

At the heart of every visual production involving lights, screens and effects is a multi-universe programmable desk capable of controlling it all, either in perfect synchronization via time code programming or being “busked ”intuitively /impulsive to the mood of the performance/production.

Visual Display Surfaces (Screens)

Visual display surfaces add an additional layer of professional/glamour to any productional event. The size and definition of these screens is extremely variable to tailor for ever changing requirements in the production, exhibition and performance industry.

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Sound Reinforcement Systems

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